Lazy eye trim sourcing selfie?! #fuckit

Fabric Flexin 💪

#ChairPorn (at Parachute Market)

Every garment takes 100 hands to build, and every hand holds a story that brings each garment to life. This is our screen printer and former Las Vegas acrobat entertainer shown left with his wife. These hands that used to swing over fire pits in Vegas nightclubs in the 70’s are the same ones screening our tees. Think of that next time you put on one of our products. #100Hands (at Made in DTLA)

The Scottish believe that when a strange black cat walks into a room it brings prosperity. Well, since we’re part Scottish and just dropped off a ton of production at our factory, we figure this much to be true. (at DTLA)

lil Romeos on their chariot 🌹 (at 9th Street)

#SelfService 💁 (at Hobart St. )

✨ Iridescence Essence ✨ (at LA Apparel Mart)

About to make some ridiculous bags out of this dead stock military fabric. (at SCOTTxSCOTT)


@thenewclassic and @ritaora rocking the custom #BlackWidow Varsity jackets we made for them for the #VMAs!!! CC: @aleherself #MadeInDTLA #MadeinUSA #IggyAzalea #RitaOra #SCOTTxSCOTT (at Black Widow)

Watercolor clouds. (at No Filter Zone)

Impromptu @possouniverse fits given me those nimble fingers

Congratulations to two of the best people I have ever know @bijoux1121 @dannybeck. May your love be free and full forever and always. ❤️❤️❤️ (at Beverly Hills Four Seasons)

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